SSL Secure Socket Layer
What is SSL Secure Socket Layer ?

What are SSL web server digital certificates?

Digital certificates are generally used with encryption for Web based commerce sites,protecting consumer data as it travels over the Internet. The digital certificates are a way of increasing the level of trust and security for secure web pages. Secure pages start with “https:\\” and have a closed padlock at the bottom of the browser window. The digital certificate details can be viewed by clicking the padlock.

The secure page means the details will be encrypted as they travel over the Internet making it impossible for someone to copy the details. The digital certificate also displays the identity of the website owner,and the name of the independent authority who verified that identity,such as Thawte or Verisign.

The digital certificate can provide encryption using 128-bit,56-bit or 40-bit algorithms. The higher the bit rate, the better the security.

A SSL web server certificate enables your customers to view the following information:

  • The domain for which the certificate was issued. This allows them to check that the SSL web server certificate was issued for your domain (URL).
  • The owner of the certificate. This acts as further reassurance,since customers are able to see whom they are doing business with.
  • The physical location of the owner. Once again this reassures customers that they are dealing with an actual entity.
  • The validity dates of the certificate. This is extremely important,since it shows users that your SSL web server certificate is current.

The servers must have SSL capability and can have a digital certificate installed by request. The certificates are valid for 1 year at a time.